Currently in Los Angeles— March 30th 2022

The weather, currently.

Overcast skies and a strong breeze

Wednesday morning will be cloudy, and those overcast skies will keep things cooler. Highs will reach the upper 60s in the afternoon, and the clouds should break up a bit to let some sunshine bounce off your sunglasses. Fog will start to gather in the evening, and temperatures will fall into the mid-50s. We still have a relatively strong breeze accompanying the weather, so keep a jacket nearby and that allergy medication on deck. —Renée Reizman

What you need to know, currently.

Over the weekend a western heatwave brought record-breaking warmth to many states and cities. The heat, and strong winds also fueled a fire in Colorado, which forced around 19,000 people to evacuate. As of Tuesday morning, the fire is 80 percent contained and almost all evacuation orders are lifted.

It seems however that our early fire season (or more like, year long fire season) isn’t done with the Unites States just yet. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the South is under threat of wildfire weather. Parts of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas now experiencing extreme fire-weather risks, including very strong winds combined with dry air and brush.

The ongoing drought in the West, the High Planes, and South— so most of the continental United States— is likely going to make 2022 another dangerous one for wildfires. Scientists say that almost half of the droughts severity can be attributed to climate change. — Abbie Veitch