Currently in Los Angeles — July 20th, 2022

The weather, currently.

Bright skies and more hot weather

Hot weather continues, and people are growing restless. We needed six years and 588 million dollars to transform the Sixth Street Bridge into the Sixth Street Viaduct, which reconnects Boyle Heights to the Arts District, and our great citizens are celebrating by spinning donuts on this architectural feat. Maybe on this sunny, clear day, with highs near 87°F, you too will dangerously scale the swooping arches to get a free look at a road show. Or, ditch your car and hop onto its dedicated bike lanes, which cyclists believe could have been safer, but hey, at least we got something? Maybe you’ll wait until it cools off in the evening, when temperatures will float in the 70’s before hitting their low of 64°F, and take in the bright, glowing, arches. Just make sure you don’t get caught in a street race.

—Renée Reizman

What you need to know, currently.

The June 2022 Global Climate Report came out a few days ago.

The report said that the global surface temperature for June 2022, which was 0.87°C (1.57°F) above the 20th century average, was the sixth-highest for June, in the 143-year-long recorded history. This month was also 0.08°C (0.14°F) cooler than the warmest June on record, which was in 2019.

June had some very warm temperatures across the Northern Hemisphere with several places across Europe, the Middle East and northern Africa experiencing daily maximum temperatures over 35°C (95°F), with some places reaching 50°C (122°F) during the first week of the month. North America and Africa had their seventh and tenth-warmest June on record, respectively.

The extreme heat that suffocated much of Asia, and now Europe, led to both continents having their second-warmest recorded June as well.

—Aarohi Sheth