Currently in Los Angeles — January 12th, 2023

The weather, currently.

A calmer, warmer, and mostly sunny day after so much rain.

Los Angeles is calm again, and getting warmer. If not for the enormous splash of dirt in front of a construction site on my block, I could have forgotten that we had rain mucking up the city for the last week. But Thursday brings sunshine and highs around 68°F, the type of weather we’ve grown accustomed to.

Now I can safely return to the dog park and watch my pup get dusty. Wind will still be stronger than usual. Not storm strong, but breezy enough to remind us that more atmospheric rivers are on the horizon. Enjoy Thursday (and Friday) as much as you can because we’re going to get wet again soon. Nights will be cloudy and dry, with lows dipping to 47°F.

—Renée Reizman

What you need to know, currently.

When it rains, these Philly sidewalks reveal a hidden message about flood resilience
In Philadelphia’s low-income, flood prone neighborhood of Germantown, community members make voices heard through a poetic intervention.

In Philadelphia’s low-income, flood prone neighborhood of Germantown, community members make their voices heard through a poetic intervention.

As rain falls on certain blocks of the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia, the sidewalk reveals something surprising. As the pavement gets wet, it displays verses of poetry about the impacts of intensifying neighborhood flooding. Crooked water / Still or rising, one poem reads. Flooding or hushed / Indelible marker on our lives / Photos and memories and precious things / Taken and carried in your rushing flow…

These water-activated rain art and decals feature poems written by Germantown residents, who have been increasingly engaged by the Philadelphia Water Department to determine how the neighborhood will build flood resilience amid a deepening climate crisis.

This story was originally published by  Emily Nonko via Next City, a nonprofit news organization covering solutions for just and equitable cities. Read the full story here.

What you can do, currently.