Currently in Los Angeles — December 19th, 2022

The weather, currently.

Another short-lived, sunny day. Chilly evenings continue.

Last weekend, we lost the beloved king of Los Angeles, P-22. I’m wrecked by his passing. The mountain lion first crossed into Griffith Park in 2012, just a few months after I moved here. His presence has marked every chapter of my life in this city, and now I must measure my time here as pre- and post- P-22. I  thought I’d share the beautiful eulogy for him written by Beth Pratt of the National Wildlife Federation:

As for the weather, I’m thinking about how P-22 would sleep through today’s mild afternoon, where highs reach about 64° and the sunshine would feel splendid on his tan face. He’d be prowling in our colder mornings and evenings, when temperatures are suspended in the chilly 40s. The cloudy evening would help him sneak up on his dinner. His ears would twitch in the slow, calm wind.

—Renée Reizman

What you need to know, currently.

Worst drought on record continues to ravage the Horn of Africa
Five failed rainy seasons have devastated the Horn of Africa — the worst drought on record.

Currently’s staff reporter, Anna Abraham, has a piece up about drought that continues to devastate the east African region. The drought is the longest and most severe drought on record, and after five consecutive failed rainy seasons, experts predict the next rain period will also fail.

“Water has become a precious commodity, with about 23 million people facing daily household water insecurity. This leaves them more vulnerable to water-borne diseases. It also forces women and children to travel long distances to fetch water, often exposing them to violence on their journeys.

‘The only thing people are praying for now is a little bit of rain,’ said Walter Mawere, the Communications and Advocacy Coordinator from CARE Somalia.

‘I have met adults who are saying they have to forgo water. They can give their children some drinking water but there is not enough for themselves.’

At the same time, people are reeling from the knock-on effects of the drought. Measles and cholera outbreaks are impacting communities, and when combined with malnutrition, the health impacts are even worse.”

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What you can do, currently.