Currently in Los Angeles — December 15th, 2022

The weather, currently.

Sunny, mild temperatures for the daytime. Evenings are bone cold (for LA's standards.)

Last night, I had evening plans, and I was so cold I had to dig out a winter jacket that’s normally reserved for winter journeys to the Midwest. Sadly, we’re stuck with these frigid nights for the foreseeable future, and Los Angeles doesn’t know what to do. I keep seeing the Snoopy in an enormous coat meme in everyone’s Instagram stories. After 7 PM, Thursday temperatures will range from 43 – 49°F. You should just shut down at sunset.

For those brief daylight hours, highs crest at about 61°. There’s sunshine and clear skies. We’re in the home stretch on shortening days. Just a few more sunsets and the light will creep into dinner time. Keep bundling up in the meantime.

—Renée Reizman

What you need to know, currently.

The eastern two-thirds of the US will be sent into a deep freeze, just days before Christmas, due to a blast of extremely cold air.

This bitter wind challenges records that have stood since the 1980s and stress energy grids, as subzero temperatures make their way from the northern Rockies to the East.

The cold will come to North America in two waves. The northern Rockies and northern Plains will face the brunt of the blast, though it will push its way to the south and east in the days leading up to the holiday. Then, the cold will head to the central and southern Plains.

Similar cold air in February 2021 stressed energy grids across the South, most notably in Texas, which withstood a multi-day power grid failure. As the cold air blows in, the energy demand increases across the nation, as everyone is trying to heat their homes and workplaces, causing the grid failure. Near-freezing temperatures also threaten crops in southern Texas.

What you can do, currently.