Currently in Los Angeles — August 2nd, 2022

The weather, currently.

Patchy clouds, high humidity, and some sunshine.

There might still be clouds overhead, but any chance of rain has disappeared. Enjoy the rays of sunshine that will bleed through that patchy, fluffy on the horizon. With highs around 84°F and lots of moisture in the air, it’s going to feel more humid than usual, even muggy, giving a very un-Los Angeles-like summer day. You can pretend you’re on vacation in Florida, though I don’t think it’ll be nearly as bad as their swamps, but a trip to Disneyland could fuel the illusion. There’s gators at the Los Angeles Zoo, and great cuban food at El Cochinito in Silverlake. Though lows will reach 65°F later tonight, you might think it’s warmer than the thermometer display, because humidity will build as the night grows long

—Renée Reizman

What you need to know, currently.

For more than a year, Currently has been building a weather service for the climate emergency — and listening to our members to build the kinds of weather and climate services that frontline communities need to stay safe, all while expanding joy and justice amid escalating extreme weather.

We’re looking to expand our real-time weather support services in languages other than English to provide weather alerts everyone can understand. We send custom weather alerts one to two days ahead of potential hazardous extreme weather event. We are also building a text message service that people can use to interact with our meteorologists directly and ask about their weather and how best to prepare.

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