Currently in Los Angeles — August 16th, 2022

The weather, currently.

More sunshine and above-average heat

Before highs shoot up to 91°F around noon, you’ll want to get up early and enjoy the tranquil morning. The sky will be clear and the winds will be calm. You can savor your coffee with the windows down in a morning traffic jam, then retreat to an air conditioned office to wait out the day’s heat. Temperatures re-enter the 80’s around 5pm, and the wind pick up to help you cool off even further. At night, the air will remain hot, not dipping into the low 70’s until after midnight, so you’ll want to arrange a tunnel of open windows to catch the path of a cross breeze. Just make sure to anchor your doors so the wind doesn’t slam them. It’s not ghosts, but mother nature.

—Renée Reizman

What you need to know, currently.

Currently’s partnership coordinator, Meg Ruttan, published a piece in her local paper, insideWaterloo, about the transformational changes needed to address the climate crisis. She writes about the importance of recognizing the crisis’ roots in colonialism, white supremacy and fascism and how to best work towards a sustainable—and equitable—future.

“The transformational change required to face the climate crisis means that this civilization—the institutions evoked when we gesture towards civilization—cannot be saved if we are to take the climate crisis on in earnest and the civilization we need may not be recognizable to anyone who has benefited from it” Ruttan writes. “Climate change is a symptom of centuries of extraction and genocidal colonialism and a simple technological shift will not save us. We must take up the values of climate justice or we will fail. We must build the new world out of the shell of the old.”

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