Currently in Los Angeles — August 12th 2022

The weather, currently.

A weekend stretch of heat and unrelenting sunshine

If you’re hoping for a break in these 90°F days (it’s been hotter if you’re in the Valley) you’re out of luck. This weekend is a long, daunting stretch of heat and dry air. You can practically hear the trees snapping in the weak winds, bone dry from drought. Hopefully all the sunshine will stave off depression, so you’ll be frustrated and sweating, but not sad. Right now Friday is our hottest day, with a high of 93°F, and Sunday is the coolest, at 89°F. I suggest being most active at dawn and dusk, when temperatures slide through the 70’s. Lows will barely dip into the 60’s, so treasure those moments of relief.

—Renée Reizman

What you need to know, currently.

We have a new story up today by Zaria Howell on indigenous communities’ struggles to secure clean drinking water in Alaska:

“In January of 2021 an unknown source sparked a fire at the Indigenous village of Tuluksak’s sole water power plant,” writes Howell. “The plant, which provided this native Alaskan community of nearly 400 with safe drinking water, quickly burned to ashes, leaving the rural community vulnerable.”

“In the aftermath of the fire, community members struggled to access clean water or secure the delivery of bottled water from local and state authorities. And when they did manage to secure the latter, weather challenges and delays made the transportation process difficult.Many natives were left without water entirely for months on end, relying instead on hauled water from neighboring freshwater reserves, if they had the means to secure it via snowmobile or some other method.”

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