Currently in Los Angeles — July 21 2022

The weather, currently.

Hot temperatures continue with bright, clear skies.

While other parts of the world continue with their miserable heatwaves, we’re still riding out our usual hot summers. Thursday will be bright and sunny with a high near 86°F, which might make you a bit sweaty, but isn’t anything out of the ordinary for Southern California. Yesterday I walked around for about an hour without a water bottle, and I regretted it about 15 minutes in, so just make sure you stay hydrated when you’re pick up your breakfast burrito and skateboard to the office. In the evening, some fog will roll in from the shore, which will help temperatures drop down a few degrees for the remainder of the week. Late night lows will hit about 64°F.

—Renée Reizman

What you need to know, currently.

Today we republished a story from Grist on how humor may be able to help communicate the seriousness of climate change.

"I recently attended a comedy show at a small club in Brooklyn," writes Claire Elise Thompson. "The final performer asked the crowd to toss out a topic for his closing joke. I enthusiastically shouted, 'Climate change!' — which he promptly shot down: 'No one wants to hear jokes about climate change, it isn’t funny.'"

"He had a point. The climate crisis, its deadly impacts, and the chronic injustices that underpin it aren’t inherently chortle-worthy. But for some, that’s exactly why comedy can be a powerful tool in how we deal with it."

Read the full story here!