Currently in Los Angeles — June 9th, 2022

Clear, sunny days continue to heat up LA

The weather, currently.

Spoiler: a meteorologist has won Jeopardy! Two nights in a row, and that has me appreciating all the weather puns and cute tweets the internet’s giving us. Can we find a way to turn our trivia champ into a Currently fan?

I’m terrible with puns, so I’ll spare you in this forecast. Thursday heats up a little bit more, with highs projected around 86°F in Downtown LA. As usual, brace yourself for even hotter temperatures if you’re in the Valley, and maybe work at a westside coffee shop patio to stay a little bit cooler. I’m parking in front of my fans and my dog is sleeping in the dark, damp shower. It’ll be sunny and clear, so you won’t have much relief. The evening should also stay relatively cloudless, and it’ll be a pleasantly warm night. Lows will only reach the mid-60’s late at night.

—Renée Reizman

What you need to know, currently.

We have a story up today from Currently’s Anna Abraham on the Bishnoi community:

“September 11th is significant for a different reason to the Bishnoi community of North-Western India. It is said that on this day in 1730 AD, Amrita Devi Bishnoi from the village of Khejarli, Rajasthan, led a protest against the cutting of Khejri trees in her village. The Maharaj of the time, Abhai Singh of Marwar, sent his minister, Giridhar Bhandari, on a mission to cut trees for construction on a new palace. When Amrita Devi heard the news of soldiers with axes coming to cut the tree, she — along with her three daughters and a few villagers — demonstrated, to no end.

Devi then went and hugged a Khejri tree, hoping the king’s men would give an inch. But the unrelenting royal party chopped right through her. Horrified by the sight, Devi’s three daughters also went and hugged trees and were killed in a similar manner. The villagers around them followed suit. This is now known as the Khejarli Massacre.”

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