Currently in Los Angeles — October 13th, 2022

The weather, currently.

A cloudy day in Los Angeles

So even though there was no Wednesday morning thunderstorm, Dodgers Playoff Twitter shows that rain started coming down on Tuesday night in the 9th inning. I swear I’m living in an alternate dimension because I did not see nor feel any of those blissful drops from the sky. By the time you read this weather report (Wednesday night, when it reaches your inbox,)  it could be raining again, so I just wanted to point that out before moving in to Thursday’s forecast.

Thursday, however, shows no sign of rain. It’ll be mostly cloudy as the skies recover from their bloat of precipitation. Our temperatures will reach highs in the low 80’s, but really, you’ll mostly have crisper weather in the 70’s to enjoy throughput the day. Clouds will stay into the evening, trying to decide if they want to start collecting rain again. Temperatures will roll into the mid-60’s and eventually our late night low will be about 60° flat.

—Renée Reizman

What you need to know, currently.

Anna Abraham has a story up today on state-sanctioned water scarcity in Palestine.

"The heatwave that hit Israel and Palestine this summer brought extreme temperatures to the region, raising temperatures by 5 degrees C (41 degrees F) above the seasonal average. In the Jordan Valley, the eastern portion of the West Bank region of Palestine, temperatures soared as high as 45 degrees C (113 degrees F).

However, despite these extreme changes, Israelis, in both the Zionist State and the Settlements, did not face any water shortages, while Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, as usual, did."

Click here to read the full story!

What you can do, currently.

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